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5 sure ways to travel to Canada

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Canada has become the most desirable travel location for many immigrant seeking greener pasture away from home and this article will cover 5 sure ways to travel to Canada. It could be to either get a job, for academics or simply relocation with family.

Its no surprise that 1 in 5 person in Canada is an immigrant ; the quality education, quality lifestyle and an ever growing economy are attracting factors that lure people from different part of the world to Canada.

This article will answer your question on the sure ways to migrate to Canada. Its not limited to the ways we will be listing her but below is the 5 sure ways of migrating to Canada.


If you are looking for the fastest way to move to Canada, here you have it. Express entry is used to manage applications for three economic class immigration programs.

● Federal Skilled Worker Program

● Federal Skilled Trade Program

● Canadian Experienced Class.

These programs are set up by the Canadian government to attract qualified and capable people who will contribute towards the growth of the country.

Express entry follows a point base grading system which includes; language, age, job offer, work experience, adaptability etc.

Applicants receive points based on a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Applicants with the biggest scores are awarded an invitation to application (ITA).

A job is not compulsory but having one increases an applicants point. Provincial government also pick up from express entry and once an applicant has a provincial nomination, it increases their point and chances of being picked.

Firstly, you will need to create an express entry profile and make sure the following documents are handy.

● Travel documents and passport.

● Language proficiency test result

● Provincial nomination (if any)

● Written job offer from an employer in Canada.

● Work experience proof

● Education credential assessment report

● Proof of fund- the essence of this, is so they are convinced you will be able to take care of your fares and self when you arrive Canada till you start working and earning.

If your express entry profile is accepted, you enter into the pool of candidates. According to the point based system, those with the highest score are picked from and afterwards an invitation to application is awarded to them.

With that, they apply with the right documents and are ready to migrate to Canada. If your profile is not picked, you can still re-enter the pool again by resubmitting your profile(adjust if possible) so as to increase your ranking and opportunity of being picked in the pooling system.


This program is for those who intend to live in a particular province or territory. These candidates must be skilled, have educational background and also work experience so as to contribute to that specific province.

Certain provinces have specific needs and as such target candidates who possess the qualifications and skills needed to solve those needs in the province.

Provinces have their immigration program that target certain groups known as “streams”. Could be skilled workers, students or certain business people.

Application is either through paper based process or via online process through express entry.

Paper Based Process – you apply to the province for nomination under a non-express entry stream. Once you get nominated, you are to submit a paper based application through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Online Process – This process works in two ways and either way is just as important as the other.

● The candidate can directly contact a province and apply for nomination. Once the nomination is approved, the applicant can then create an Express Entry profile or simply update an existing one.

● The second way is to show a province that you are interested by including that in your profile, if you get a notification of interest from the province, you can then apply for that province Express Entry stream.

Below are provinces that offer Provincial Nominee Program

● Yokon

● Ontario

● Prince Edward Island

● Saskatchewan

● Alberta

● British Columbia

● Manitoba

● New Brunswick

● Newfoundland and Labrador

● Northwest Territories


This is one of the 5 sure ways to migrate to Canada, its for foreign nationals who intend to study in Canada. Study permit is an authorization from the Canadian government that permits a foreigner to study in Canada.

The Canadian government issue study permit to foreign nationals so they can study in Canada. With the permit, you will also need a visa in other to enter Canada.

The Visa obtained is valid for the duration of the program and an extra 90days upon completion of your study program. Processing of a study visa takes shorter time, sometimes less than 30 days.

To get a study permit, you will need a provisional offer of admission and with that, you can easily apply for a visa or permit using the admission letter. It could be an undergraduate or graduate program, which ever one it is, apply with the required documents and be sure of your migration to Canada.


In this process of migration an individual who is at least of legal age (18),a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident can sponsor his or her family member to migrate to Canada.

Members of the family eligible for such sponsorship will have to be nuclear members of the family example, the spouse, partner, dependent children, parents and sometimes grand parents and relatives which comes with a lot of conditions.


This visa program is for immigrants who are entrepreneur and would want to start up a business of their own in Canada. This set if immigrants can come with a work permit then later on apply for a permanent residency visa. 

To quality for this kind of immigration you will need to meet up with the set requirements and be able to show proof of funds for the business, proficiency in English and other requirements.

Once the Canadian government is satisfied with your requirements, be sure of getting a visa as soon as possible as the government wants advancement in the country and any entrepreneur who convinces them of a good business is more than welcome to migrate as the business will contribute to the economy advancement of the country. 

These are not the only ways to migrate to Canada but are the 5 sure ways of making your dreams of migrating to Canada become reality.

Choose any of them that applies to you and get started with turning tour dreams to reality. Know that Canada is a country with great economic advancement and covers quality lifestyle to its citizens and migrants.

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