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Getting a high paying job in Canada

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Immigrants look to Canada as a land filled with opportunity and are looking for how to get a job in Canada as that will help them migrate with ease. While getting a job in Canada is not easy but it is still very possible to get one that can give you and your family that comfortable life, luxury and opportunity you’ve been hoping to achieve.

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If you are looking at getting a job in Canada and don’t know how to get started then you just struck gold with this article, as it will open your eyes to ways to actually getting a job.

A job offer from a recognized company or business in Canada increases your chances of getting an invitation to apply for Canadian visa and afterwards permanent residency.

Getting a job in your field may not be easy but if you continuously plan thoroughly, you will be able to achieve it.

The tips contained in this article will guide you towards getting that dream job in Canada.


A resume, sometimes called a curriculum vitae (CV), is a document that contains details about your education, achievements, and employment history.

Canada has a resume format and to stand a chance, you ought to follow it accordingly. Resume that are not properly written will hurt your offer and deter you from getting that job.

If you have to pay for an expert to help you structure your resume or probably get a course on how best to structure your resume,  that will be an added advantage.

To impress an employer with your resume, there is need to follow the right procedure. 

Know that listing duties instead of personal or team achievements will turn off an employer as they are more interested in what you have achieved as a person or in a team.

Once you make an impact or impression on the employer with your resume be certain of making it to be interview stage and if you succeed with that then be certain of landing that job.


Having a strong reference makes it much easier to get a job in Canada. The reference should come from those you’ve worked for in Canada or outside of Canada.

Having a strong reference means you are to be trusted with duties if this number of people can say something wonderful about your work ethics and conduct.

Try to get employment references from previous employers but make sure its important to the job you are currently seeking in Canada.


Certain profession requires you get accreditation without which you won’t be able to get a job and the best you can do is to get accredited so as to increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Professions that requires accreditation includes teachings, nursing, physiotherapy, social works and so many others.

With the accreditation, you can easily  start your job application and will have a chance of getting picked.


Leveraging social media is one way of positioning yourself for job opportunities as those recruiters are  on the look out on linkedln( Social media site for professional) for those within that field that have the attribute they are seeking for.

Social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook can also help you expand your network and connect with opportunities.

Don’t just dump your resume on LinkedIn and go back to bed, drop valuable contents that showcases your achievements, solve certain issues related to that field and talk about it on your profile, these things positions you better as the right person for a job  in that field.

Recruiters take time to search for their applicants on social media and what they find out can either make or mar your chances of being recruited.


Research is an important part of securing a job. Take your time to research on jobs you will want to take on and also visit those companies official site to get acquainted with their motto and culture, also try to read up as much about them so as to have  deep insight on how the company operates and the attribute they are likely to be looking out for.

This will also keep you informed about job openings and alert you to apply as soon as the opening is made public. 


Sometimes. the people you know or in your circle can be all you need  whenever you are searching for a job. Try as much as you can to make the right connection, network in groups, on social media at events so as to get acquainted with many individuals within your field.

Knowing them and connecting with them on that level helps keep you on their minds and you’d be the person they will choose to recommend when a job offer comes up.

While you network, make sure they are valuable to your profession or field as that will give you better opportunity. Be open to learning and make sure to be valuable as well. people love to connect with those who have something of value to offer.  The right connection can set you apart and help you in getting a job in Canada.


Job market is usually competitive and to stand out you need to show a level of interest or enthusiasm. After application and submitting your resume, do well to follow up after submitting your resume to demonstrate your interest, and also after an interview to thank them for their consideration.

Doing this sets you apart from the rest and makes you the best man to consider for the job offer.

Getting a job in Canada can be a long process but it is worth it in the end. Canada offers you a lot of better opportunity, either in your earning ability, quality way of life or opportunity to finally live the life you’ve always wanted for yourself and loved ones in general.

When the job hunt becomes really tasking, do not be discouraged, keep at it and remember to treat your job search as your full-time job and devote yourself to learning as much about Canadian work culture as possible.

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